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Attention all Trauma Life Support Instructors, Test Administrators, and Certifiers!

New "TLS Moulage Essentials Kit" NOW AVAILABLE!

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Image Perspectives' School of Moulage 

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Training at our Carson City, Nevada facility  or contract us to come to you!

Full line of Moulage Materials and Supplies

Order by phone, "snail mail", fax, or online.  

Contract Services--Mass Casualty and Mass pharmaceutical distribution Exercises

We will coordinate and produce the moulage portion of your mass casualty exercise


Do it yourself!   Mass Casualty Incident Package for up to 150 Casualties

All you need to organize the moulage portion of your next MCI exercise.


Designed to enhance the MCI package above, it's a simple computer program that you can use to print out casualty

 cards for your WMD exercise.  25 different casualties each for four different scenarios:  Sarin, Ricin, Anthrax, and Smallpox.

Custom Packages for other symptoms and agents available!  Contact us for more info!


The Medical Community to train and test: First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics,


Community Emergency Response Team members, to train and practice.

Business and Industry Health and Safety to train and exercise internal Emergency Response Teams: airports, oil refineries, chemical companies, mining industry, utility companies, and manufacturing.

Political Jurisdictions for Full-Scale exercising of their Disaster Response Plans.

The Military Services to train and test under realistic simulated battle conditions.


Absolutely nothing will prompt better response to your training / testing sessions!  Many years of participation in EMS and Disaster Response Training have shown us, unequivocally, that people learn and test better when realistic injury simulation is used. The military services have historically used injury simulation to train men and women in emergency medical care because it reduces training time and improves performance by reproducing disaster-induced psychological responses. The bottom line is, what is realistically experienced is better learned and retained.


The basic material we use to create our soft tissue injuries is very inexpensive, it costs only pennies per simulation.

If someone walks off with a simulation it can be recreated in a matter of minutes!

You are not limited to mass-produced latex or plastic "one-size-fits-all injuries".  You determine the type, scope and

size of the injuries and create as many as you wish, in whatever size or skin tone you need.

Our simulations can be handled and bandaged, with care, as you would a real injury. The simulations will not shift and/or be damaged. When bandages are removed, the injury simulation will remain intact.

The simulations can be made liquid-proof, and with care - reusable!


Image Perspectives was born out of the need for truly realistic injury simulation, at an affordable price. We continue to improve our methods by researching and developing new techniques and materials to achieve that goal. Marge Dolan, the founder of Image Perspectives, has been involved with Emergency Response and Disaster training for more than twenty-eight years and has helped to train hundreds of Emergency Management and Emergency Services Professionals. Her experience includes: Exercise Assistance Officer - Nevada Division of Emergency Management; Tech Sergeant - Nevada National Guard; and Emergency Medical Technician. She is a certified Makeup Artist in both Glamour and Camouflage Makeup.

Image Perspectives has earned a reputation for excellence. Our clients include:

U.S.Army /Reserve/ National Guard, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard

Veterans Administration Health Services, Nationwide

State EMS

DOW Chemical Company


IIF Data, Inc.


TOSCO Refining Company

Reno/Tahoe Internation Airport

Reynolds Electrical Engineering (REECO)

Emergency Nurses Association

International Health Services, Nationwide

EMMCO East Inc

Los Alamos Labs

Lockheed/Martin Utility Services

Martin Murietta

New York Transit Authority

Northrop Grumman

Subic Bay International Airport, Philippines

National Disaster Medical System, U.S.A

Life force Airmed Services

Special Operations Medical Association


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